An experiential coaching program focused on building leaders.


The Adventure Leadership Summit is designed for the adventurous leader motivated to elevate your team, cultivate rising leaders, and create a legacy that makes you proud. 

What better way to become the great leader of your dreams than by participating in an adventure that:

  • Produces a genuine learning environment, bringing out the challenges you experience in life and work.
  • Requires you to apply what you learn in the moment with a coach by your side.
  • Solidifies your learning in a concrete way.
  • Develops new skills for life, work, and play.

The adventure leadership summit integrates:

  • Insight from Assessments
  • Intellectual and emotional characteristics of the stages of learning
  • Intricacies of communication and performance in the midst of a challenge

All inclusive: assessment(s), dinner(s), breakfast(s), lunch(es), lift ticket(s), equipment rentals, hotel room, handouts, individualized coaching sessions).

Exclusions and requirements for registration:

  • Minimum of 3 participants must be scheduled for Summit to be held
  • Registration closes 30 days before event.
  • Cancellations must happen before registration deadline in order to get a 50% refund or you may use the entire price to attend a Summit on another date. May be transferable.

Contact us at 907-632-1501 to register for a Summit

When asked by the CFO of a company:

“How does the adventure aspect make the learning stick?”

Answer: “It comes within the stages of learning… the opportunity to observe as well as experience behavior under challenging conditions. Learning brings us out of our comfort zone, creates stress, challenges our communication as well as provides opportunities to cross over new thresholds of achievement. The coaching aspect, whether executive or sport, provides the opportunity for practice and repetitions of the right physical or cognitive behaviors is necessary for positive behavior change and mastery.”

Emily Bass, MSW, CMC, ACP


Deepen your understanding of self and others, and cultivate your own strength to become a more effective leader.

“In my role as Board Chair, I felt challenged by a working relationship with a Board members. After working with Emily, I gained new insight in my role. At the next Board meeting, I found myself channeling what I had learned, and the outcome was greatly improved.” —Joyce


Build confidence in your leadership abilities by mastering proven approaches to clear and direct communication.

“As a successful business owner for more than 30 years, my frustrations were in low productivity by staff. What I learned in the Summit is how to better communicate my expectations in a way staff understand and, more importantly, embrace the outcomes.” —Mark


Make your vision a reality through coaching: obtain clarity, develop goals, plan action steps, set timelines—and make it happen!

“Participating in the Summit gave me just the right focus as I launch into my new role as Executive Director within a large healthcare corporation. Clarifying vision of goals, strategy and tactics required to build and engage a successful team is just what I needed as a “jumping off ” point. I am grateful for my experience with Emily, especially in such an effective learning environment. I loved every minute of it! —Terry


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