An experiential coaching program focused on sharpening your unique gifts as a leader.


You know how athletes have a coach right there on the sidelines as they perform? And then they have the opportunity to process with their coach before the next go around? Now imagine having your own coach in the workplace, right in the moment you are confronted with a challenge.

The Adventure Leadership Summit is designed for the adventurous leader motivated to elevate your team, cultivate rising leaders, and create a legacy that makes you proud. 

You may not be able to bring your coach to the board meeting but you can experience having your coach on the sidelines in the Adventure Leadership Summit.
What better way to become the great leader of your dreams than by participating in an adventure that:

  • Produces a genuine learning environment, bringing out the challenges you experience in life and work.
  • Requires you to apply what you learn in the moment with a coach by your side.
  • Solidifies your learning in a concrete way.
  • Develops new skills for life, work, and play.

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