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  • “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”

    ~ John F. Kennedy

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I have witnessed Emily for more than a decade now as she’s enthusiastically ventured into challenging situations. Her training and first-hand experiences in leadership and life allow her to thoughtfully assess situations and execute solutions that move people and organizations forward.

Dennis McMillian
Internationally acclaimed speaker and nonprofit consultant.


The vision for Emily Bass Strategies, LLC is to honor and foster your vision.


To empower you and your organization to reach your goals through executive coaching, evidence-based assessments and adventurous learning strategies.


Respect, trust, confidentiality,
fun and loving-kindness.


Emily has spent her life doing what she is passionate about – making dreams come true. She became nationally known for her skiing and coaching skills, putting her energies toward getting people with disabilities out on the hill, especially those who never dreamed they could do such a thing.

Later in her career, Emily worked in nonprofit leadership positions, helping nonprofits to clarify their purpose and discover the best path to fulfill their mission. She earned her Master’s in social work and landed in philanthropy, another dream job, managing programs around substance abuse, child protection, suicide prevention and other important societal issues. Emily went on to work in a clinical setting with troubled teens. Each skill learned complemented the other, creating a unique skill set for Emily.

Enjoying the purpose of each of her roles, Emily longed to have a broader impact. She became certified in executive coaching and as an Advanced Practitioner in DISC, Motivators, Hartman Values Profile (HVP), Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2) and Learning Styles assessments. Emily now combines her skills from each of her leadership and clinical roles with the success she has in skiing. Working directly with leaders, making them great, fulfills collective dreams and achieves a broader impact.

Emily’s greatest strength is her ability to see the potential in others and help them to move forward within the challenges of the work place and in learning environments. She is currently fulfilling her passion to make the dreams of others come true though her Adventure Leadership Summit, Individual and Group Assessments, and Executive Coaching.


  emily@emilybassstrategies.com  |  PHONE:  907-632-1501