DISC Fitness Candidate Benchmark System

Improve your candidate benchmarking selection and retention rates with the new DISC Fitness Candidate Benchmarking System.

The DISC Fitness Benchmark System is best described as an insightful DISC-based, on-screen tool for measuring “candidate fitness” to the specific needs of your job openings.

DISC Fitness Benchmark System Features

Create individual DISC candidate benchmarking tailored to a specific job

Compare multiple job candidates to a single job

Compare multiple job candidates to a variety of jobs

Compare individuals to other individuals

Compare individuals to groups, teams or even entire organizations

Generate unlimited Employee Fitness Reports (PDF) at no additional charge

Regular additions of new job benchmarks

PDF Fitness Reports

The Fitness Report evaluates job candidates by first measuring and then identifying how the candidate’s typical behavioral style matches the behaviors required by job. Users will generate this report to identify and measure how each applicant’s behavioral style matches the job requirements.

View Sample Report

Begin making informed candidate benchmarking selection decisions with this powerful onscreen system, leveraging our DISC assessment already trusted by thousands of organizations.

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