Organizational Development Services
I have witnessed Emily for more than a decade now as she’s enthusiastically ventured into challenging situations. Her training and first-hand experiences in the nonprofit sector and in philanthropy allow her to thoughtfully assess situations and execute solutions that move organizations forward.

~ Dennis McMillian
Internationally acclaimed speaker and nonprofit consultant.

Organizational Development Services for Mission Focus

Philanthropic Services

Operating, designing and streamlining grantmaking processes, support for initiatives, committee work, research and reports for special projects.

Donor Development

Working alongside staff to create a plan for how to identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward donors. Creating customized language for donor communication and new projects.

Business Planning

Working alongside staff to create each element of a business plan.

Board Training

Creating effective onboarding practices as well as policies for board members, with training and clearly established job descriptions.

Interim Leadership

Interim leadership for nonprofits looking to restructure or stay on track while recruiting new leadership. Helping to identify and resolve capacity, structural and systemic issues in order to create a platform for success for incoming permanent leadership.

Volunteer Management

Strategies for recruiting and retaining volunteers. Volunteer program review and enhancement.

Strategic Planning

Working with organizations to clarify mission and direction of organization, outline strategies to achieve desired outcomes and identify ways to measure progress.

Grant Writing

Creating an overall strategy for grants and relationships with funders as well as researching, writing and follow up reporting on grants.


Working with staff and stakeholders to assess an organization’s social impact by highlighting tangible benefits, the efficiency of staffing patterns and the effectiveness of program delivery methods.


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