The Coaching Process

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The Coaching Process: An Infographic








You begin with your coach by putting into the funnel what you want, (ex. a better workplace environment) what you have (ex. a talented team), and how you will overcome obstacles (ex. conflicting persoanlity types).






Through powerful questioning around what you identified, out of the funnel comes your goals with action steps and timelines as well as a how you will know you have succeeded.




Each session allows for deeper focus on goal (ex. established steps for achieveing goal), greater awareness (ex. of self and team), accountaibilty (ex. accomlishments provided to coach at next session), and celebration of successes (ex. learning about personality styles and understanding how to best work with each.)








The process is dynamic and no matter which session you are in, you will experience forward movement toward your goal.


Many coaches offer a free consultation to make sure the fit is right and that coaching is right for you.

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Free Sample Marketing


During a recent coaching session, a client was focusing on how to market herself as a coach. She expressed the recommended marketing steps felt uncomfortable and contrived. She described an interaction at a party where she was talking with someone telling of their challenges at work. My client felt confident she could help this person yet she didn’t feel it was appropriate to respond by marketing herself as a coach in this situation.

The question I asked my client was “What will happen when you simply act like a coach the next time that happens? Her response was “I will be giving them a taste of coaching.” Just as she finished saying it she realized it as an opportunity to provide a first-hand experience into coaching. She could offer it as a gift and that felt appropriate to her.

What a great way of marketing one’s self — to give, in the moment, a free sampling of what one has to offer…

Coaching is a gift and when the fit is right and the coach is well trained, it only takes a small taste to make a positive difference, leading one to want more. Offering one’s self as a coach in a random setting for the sake of exposing another to coaching is not only genuine for a true coach, it is a gift we coaches enjoy giving naturally.

So, if you are a coach, offer a free sample when the situation presents itself.

If you are not a coach, and you find yourself thinking more intentionally about things because of a conversation you had with a stranger, be aware that you may just have been given a gift; perhaps that person was a coach.

Finding a good fit is important and coaches often offer a free introductory session for just that reason.

Treat yourself; go get a free coaching sample today!

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